The Daily Spur

Go to a Car Show

I love cars … and trucks. Automobiles in general, I guess. Few things portray strength and speed the way a good muscle car does. Trucks are rugged and made for working. Well, they’re supposed to be. Regardless, they are machines and that’s fun.

My advice is to go to a car show. (Or, the next best thing would be to follow some of the great car blogs on here.) But, if you go to the show you really get a feel for the power and beauty of great cars. They are fun to love and even more fun to drive. Plus, these shows are a great place to hang out with a friend or impress your best gal. Trust me, it’s manly.

Watch Clint Eastwood Films


Most of the time it seems like John Wayne tops the lists of “toughest” men or something of the sort.  For my money, it’s always Clint Eastwood.  This guy embodies what it is to be tough without trying.  Watching movies like Pale Rider, The Outlaw Josey Wales, or even Gran Torino will raise your “T” score without needing medication. 

Find a Good Barber Shop


I know they seem to be going out of style, but there’s a reason for that; men have stopped using true barber shops.  I’ve lived in several cities across the country and it’s always a challenge to find a good barber.  Unfortunately, in most parts it seems to be a drying art.  However, there are some trying to carry the torch (or pole.)  Find a good barber who knows how to use clippers when he needs to do so, but who mostly can update you on what’s going on around town.  It’s time for men to abandon their favorite salon.

Please note, however, that I am not necessarily including these new, fancy men’s salons or whatever they might be called.  If they go out of their way to tell you how manly a shop they are, they aren’t manly.  But it should tell you something; somebody thinks manliness is appealing.  My job is to spur you towards the right kind of manliness….

Hold the Door

I was reminded this afternoon as we were out to lunch at a local restaurant that the men of the world need be spurred on to hold the door for others. It’s cold today. But apparently it’s okay to run inside and let women, children, and other men get the door themselves. Is this the same person that runs away from a fire without regard for others? Hold the door guys. A good general rule is that if there is anyone within 15 feet then you should wait and hold the door open. That distance can be covered by most people in 4-6 seconds based on my research. And, if they can’t cover the 15 feet in that time then they really do need you to hold the door. I promise you that this will make a difference in your life and the lives of others. And, thank you in advance for getting the door for me or someone I know.

Own a Flannel Shirt

Here again to spur us toward traditional manliness and my tip for today is that you should own (and occasionally wear) at least one flannel shirt.  You can still be metrosexual when you need to be, but your closet should not be full of only designer shirts and sweaters.  I have sweaters, but I really don’t like them.  Flannel keeps you warm and you look like a lumberjack. 

I have had several brands of flannel shirts over the years, but my favorite have come from Duluth Trading.  Either way, get a good one that is the nice, thick flannel.  Or, you could just get another sweater.  It’s up to you.

How to Change your Own Oil by Eric the Car Guy


Change Your Own Oil

So here’s your first tip from The Daily Spur … start changing the oil in your own vehicles.  It’s a relatively simple task most of the time and the smell of motor oil on your skin is better than any cologne you can buy, trust me.  You’ll also get the added benefit of rougher hands and maybe a knick or two depending on the type of vehicle you have.  (One day we talk about the type of vehicle you have.)

I don’t save a lot of money doing it myself, because I usually spend the difference making sure I buy better components than the quick oil change shops would use.  Personally, I like Valvoline oil and either OEM oil filters or a high end FRAM like their Tough Guard version.  (“Yes honey, your mom-mobile does need a tough filter.”)  Oh, and you’ll need to start checking your own air filters, so get a K&N.  They last a lifetime and if you put the sticker on the filter housing, you’re practically driving a race car. 

 That’s your daily spur on regaining traditional manliness.  Teach your sons while your at it.  I’ll attach a video to give you tips.

The Mission of The Daily Spur

Generally speaking, I’m a normal guy.  Except for one discerning trait; I do things most men either choose not to or don’t know how to do almost every day.  I am the quintessential ‘jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.’  I have serviced heavy equipment and I’ve been a corporate manager, a salesman, a preacher, and a politician.  I do most things myself, but can recognize when I’m in over my head.  I have gained this knowledge from many great men and women in my life who I intend to highlight throughout this process. 

I made the decision to share my knowledge and continued learning on this topic as I work hard every day to be the right kind of man in every aspect of my life.  It helps that wife has called me ‘cowboy’ since the day we met.  She has since learned that I am far from a real cowboy, but in her mind I am one of the world’s foremost authorities on all things manly.  I’m going to spur myself daily, and I welcome you to join me….